Title: Gossip/Controlling your tongue
Speaker: Mike

Title: Facing failure
Speaker: JJ

Title: Finding your worth in God in a social media crazed world
Speaker: Dan Elliot
Description: Living for likes. That is something that teenagers deal with every single day. It is such a trick of the enemy, because believers are COMPLETE IN HIM! This workshop will give you encouragement and confidence on who you are in Christ.

Title: Getting the most out of your Quiet Time
Speaker: Debby
Description: Taking your time with God to a new level. Practical tips to help you get disciplined and see the benefits of a closer relationship with God!

Title: Practical tips to developing a stronger prayer life
Speaker: Ron
Description: Understanding the incredible power of prayer and the privilege we have in using it. This workshop will help you understand prayer better, and give you practical ways to implement prayer into your every day life.

Title: Keeping your testimony while playing sports.
Speaker: Zach
Description: Using the platform that an athlete has to stand up for what's right and be an example and leader.

Title: Starting your own ministry
Description: This workshop is designed to help you realize what your passions are and how you can turn those passions into a ministry that can impact the world for Christ.

Title: Honoring unsaved parents/family/teachers
Speaker: Sonja
Description: My session is going to focus on how to talk to and pray for unsaved family members and close friends about Jesus. Teens will be encouraged to stay grounded in their faith, even when they feel like they're the only one who is a Christian in their family and/or social circles.

Title: Living godly in an ungodly world
Speaker: Laura
Description: It seems like everywhere you turn, people are making choices that go against how God wants us to live! This workshop will encourage you to stand strong for Christ no matter what goes on around you.

Title: Boot Camp
Leader: Jaclyn
Description: All levels are invited to participate in this 40 minute class. Total body cardio and strength exercises will be combined for a complete workout.

Title: Taking risks and dreaming big
Speaker: Cameron
Description Fear is something that can hold you back from really dreaming and putting those dreams into action. This workshop will empower you to see all that God can do if you are willing to take risks and serve him fully.

Title: Dealing with temptation/Staying strong under pressure
Speaker: Ethan
Description: Everyone faces temptation and pressure, whether it's pressure to fit in or just your deceitful heart trying to lead you away from God. This workshop will deal with what to do in specific situations and how you can stay strong no matter what comes your way.

Title: What is holding you back from giving everything to Jesus
Speaker: Colleen
Description: What areas of your life are you not allowing Jesus to see or reign over? What causes you to hold back certain areas from the One who gave them all to you? Is doubt, unbelief or fear causing you from enjoying and walking in a life fully devoted to a Saviour Who loves you? Let’s discuss together how we can pinpoint these things in our own lives, lay them before the Father and begin to walk in the fulness of His love!

Title: Responding to the call for World Missions
Speaker: Koryssa and Emilee
Description: Koryssa and Emilee have a passion for world missions and have been on many short term and long term trips. If you have ever felt the pull towards world missions, this workshop is for you! You will be inspired to respond to the call of God on your life.

Title: Having the right perspective in finding your husband (girls only)
Speaker: Rebecca